Dragon Ball: the real name of # 17 and # 18, did you know them?

Dragon ball has accompanied the growth of numerous fans over the years who, on the other hand, have seen all of the characters that have popped up throughout history. Those who have changed the most of all are definitely # 17 and # 18, who have become an integral part of the main narrative from simple villains.

When the wife of Krillin is a public favorite, as evidence of the numerous cosplay devoted to # 18 for attention to its twin brother, they are not back in vogue until Dragon Ball Super TOEI animation is Toriyama They decided to reintroduce the character back into the plot. Both have changed a lot since their storyline in the DBZ and built their own families over the years.

Still, not many people know the real name of the two characters before that Dr. frost used their bodies for his crazy experiments. Well, before they became androids, were their names pencilfor C-17 and Lazuli for C-18 in honor of the stone of the same name with an intense color. Toriyama decided to introduce the two characters when the then editor, Kazuhiko Torishima, accused the Sensei of the very sophisticated design of the androids nos. 19 and 20. But not even the young and pretty face of the two new cyborgs could convince his editor, who only angrily with a "They are just childrenThen, based on his umpteenth criticism, Toriyama decided to create a new main villain. cell.

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