Shueisha is always looking for new successes to continue her editorial dominance over other houses. With Weekly Shonen Jump has started 4 brand new series, while on Shonen Jump + the unstoppable march of SpyXFamily continues. But it has only just begun 8Kaijuu on the platform.

Naoya Matsumoto is not among the most famous authors of the Shueisha house. About a decade ago he earned a spot on Weekly Shonen Jump with Nekowappa, a manga that didn't last for a long time, proving to be a flop. He spent a few years later on the digital magazine Shonen Jump + and was among the first to be serialized on the platform. Here he introduced Pochikuro which certainly did not become a success.

He has returned to the platform these days with a new series, 8Kaijuu, known in Japan under the name of Kaiju 8-go. In a world besieged by the Kaiju, giant monsters that can destroy a city, there are those who are able to stop and KO them. But there are also those who afterwards have to deal with the remains, working behind the scenes without playing the part of the hero. Among these there is a man dissatisfied with his work who, however, is involved in an unexpected event becoming a Kaiju. This allows him to make his dreams come true.

Despite the name of the mangaka not known, on Shonen Jump + there was a real run in reading the first chapter of 8Kaijuu published on July 2nd. After just two days, the editor in chief of Shonen Jump + Hosono Shuhei reported that the first chapter of the manga has had over a million views. A record in such a short time that could therefore confirm that the future of manga comes from the digital world and not from Weekly Shonen Jump. Su MangaPlus 8Kaijuu is available in Spanish but not in English, while it can also be read in the original language by Shonen Jump + by clicking on the link to the source. Chapter 2 of 8Kaijuu will be released on July 9th.

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