Togashi's arrival on Twitter was greeted with joy from around the world: a few hours were enough for the mangaka of Hunter X Hunter to become the world's most popular manga author. And now he seems to have gotten a taste too, as he wants to share his story's progress on a daily basis.

When Hunter x Hunter will definitely return is not yet known Weekly Shonen Leap, but it may take some time. In fact, the mangaka posts a page of the various storyboards on Twitter every day, so at this rate it may take another three or four months before he can work on the final tables.

Anyway the Images published by Togashi on Twitter They are enough to increase fan hype. It is not known which chapter the mangaka is currently focusing on and which chapter these photos belong to, but from the small snippets that can be guessed at, one can understand a bit more of the story.

If the new page 11 of Hunter x Hunter There are no details worth mentioning, on page 12 one sees a box or altar with many dolls or marionettes, some with smiles and eyes already well drawn, and which could be an important signal, perhaps a means of a new technique. Who knows what will be released in the next few days.

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