Since his introduction in the first series of Dragon Ball, right at the end, Piccolo has had a lot of water under the bridge. Originally known as the Demon, he discovered his true origins and potential. Today again, Piccolo is important in Dragon Ball Super's economy and that will be even more the case in the upcoming film.

There are still a few days until the release Dragon Ball Super: Superhero in Japan and for that, Akira Toriyama and other film production leaders release interviews of various kinds. While the Gamma 2 voice actor focuses on one specific one, Akira Toriyama instead focused on the relationship Piccolo has formed with Gohan's family.

"Videl and Pan see Piccolo as a member of their family they can count on more than others.” A fairly eloquent phrase that underscores how the Namekkian was fundamental to Gohan's growth in the past and how he's now a guardian of sorts for their peace. Then Toriyama also points out that Piccolo is his favorite character. Will the Namekkian play the same role in Pan as it did in Gohan, or will the relationship with the girl be significantly different?

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