Prior to Luffy's adventure, there was a man officially known as Gold Roger. He was the one who brought the great age of piracy to life with that gallows speech in Logue Town. His treasure was hidden on a mysterious island at the end of the Grand Line and became the ultimate target of all pirates ONE PIECE.

This mysterious island has been sought by everyone for years, but to no avail. ONE PIECE episode 968 reveals the moment when Gol D. Roger and his crew, which Oden Kozuki recently belonged to, Land on this mythical land. After Gol D. Roger laughed out loud, he decided to give this island a name that no one had seen in 800 years.

The story that Joy Boy left inspired Roger who decided to baptize this land "Laugh Tale"This makes it official in the anime as well - complete with writing in both Western characters and katakana - the wording that definitely replaces Raftel.

ONE PIECE episode 968 aired on Crunchyrolland from there comes the excerpt with the baptism of the island by Roger, which can be seen in the tweet below. Roger finally achieved his dream by becoming the pirate king.

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