Kohei Horikoshi has said this several times over the past few months. The mangaka has been preparing the final arc of My Hero Academia for some time and now he's up to his neck in it. All the other protagonists and antagonists were assembled for an extraordinary fight resulting in a single winner.

On the one hand there is the Heroes led by Endeavor and All Might, who have developed excellent tactics for dividing enemy forces and throwing them into battle where they are at a disadvantage; on the other hand there is the Villain from All for One, all with an unparalleled desire to kill and win. To celebrate the arrival of the final arc of My Hero Academia, Shueisha had prepared a video featuring all the strongest heroes a few days ago.

However, the publisher does not stop and also leaves room for the villains: a The My Hero Academia villains video promotes the final saga, video that you can see at the top of the news that traces the history and the outstanding moments of the main enemies of the story, showing their particular expressions and their evolution. Meanwhile, the war is merciless, all of Japan is fighting against this great threat, who will win?

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