For a long time, the Big Three of Shonen Jump fought for the ranking of the most popular manga and even now, with only the serialization of ONE PIECE going on, the fight doesn't stop, at least among the fans. Is Naruto more popular or ONE PIECE? The community has no doubts.

Although Eiichiro Oda and Masashi Kishimoto have exchanged tokens of respect throughout their work, Between the fandoms of the two series, there is no way to lay down arms. In fact, a new controversy has broken out online between the two communities.

As a post from Daily Dose of Anime notes, that's the case, at least so far The main fight of ONE PIECE was defeated by the fight in the Seventh Hokage's bathroom Naruto. The two scenes in question are the fight between Luffy and Kaido, the first on the Skull Dome of Onigashima where the Straw Hat KOs the Emperor with a red stone, and a clone of Naruto interrupting a feud between Boruto and Kawaki during the Hokage's busy on the toilet.

On YouTube, the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations clip shared by Crunchyroll has summed up 9.6 million views, while ONE PIECE's has "only" 4.7 million views. If for Naruto fans this is clearly a sign of the work's popularity compared to ONE PIECE, for others it's quite the opposite. THE ONE PIECE fans are eagerly following the airing of the anime and they don't have to pull episode clips from YouTube. The awards ONE PIECE RED has received are a testament to the great success of Oda's pirate adventure.

In the month of September 2023, the paths of the two plants will cross again. The Naruto anime will return to screens with four special episodes, while the ONE PIECE anime will continue its weekly sequel. But what do you think of the question, do you prefer Naruto or ONE PIECE?

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