Mangakas are hugely popular on Twitter, especially among the most active. In fact, many share impressions, unpublished drawings and loads of unique material that keeps the public captivated. This long list of mangaka was recently joined by theAuthor of Hunter x Hunterthe famous Yoshihiro Togashi.

Although it is sometimes mistreated due to the ailing Hunter x Hunter serialization Yoshihiro Togashi has several health problems, particularly focused on his back, where he also underwent surgery. The long hiatus combined with the huge popularity of his manga around the world always leaves his readers in a feverish search for news about his return.

Now they can do it even more concretely since Yoshihiro Togashi has opened a Twitter account. In just one day, the Hunter x Hunter author became the third most read mangaka, which is a testament to how deeply fans care about him and his story. It's now 72 hours since the account was created and this marks another leap forward: now Togashi is the second most followed author on Twitter with 2 million followers. Before him there is only Kohei Horikoshi, mangaka from My Hero Academia who boasts 2.1 million followers.

The first place is therefore close, col Mangaka that might reach him in a few more postswhich now appears daily.

TO UPDATE: Yoshihiro Togashi has gained new Twitter followers in the last few minutes. In just over three days, he reached 2,168,801 followers, surpassing Kohei Horikoshi who has 2,162,409 followers. Consequently now Togashi is the mangaka with the most followers on Twitter.

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