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Chapter 4

fourth chapter of Kakkou no Iinazuke and finally, Nagi manages to defeat his rival, Hiro. Because of this, it's time to confess his love to her, but it's easier said than done. The strange thing about the case is that Nagi couldn't be alone with Hiro since she is very popular at school and all her attempts to talk to him failed because of characters unknowingly getting in the way.

Unexpectedly, Nagi receives another letter and immediately visits the place where this letter is mentioned. It was as expected Hiro. Enjoy the moment, Nagi She confesses her feelings to him and mentions the fact that she had told him in the past that her type of man was smarter than her. Even though Hiro confirms this and that fact Nagi He surpassed them, he also says it's not enough since he's ahead of him ten times, so he understands he has to beat him ten more times.


But it turns out she can't accept dating him Nagi since she's engaged, which is pretty ironic. So he misunderstands the situation and accepts it Hiro She told him because she wants him to come to her aid in preventing their arranged marriage.

sisters relationship

At home, at the end of the two weeks in which Erika Y Nagi were forced to live together, he says goodbye Erika return to his family. Unfortunately, he finds the news that his parents and sister have temporarily left home due to a problem related to the pipes. His mother suggests that he return home with her Erika since where they lived there was hardly room for three. To do with nothing else Nagi come back again to live with Erika.

entry into the scene sacchi, who visits Nagi to bring her some things she asked for and also says that she wants to meet Erika. When the time comes to meet, both sisters act so shy that they cannot talk to each other. Nagi intervenes.

He suggests they cook because, he says, cooking is how people understand themselves. After all, however, he was the one who has been cooking ever since Erika Y sacchi they couldn't do something right. In the middle of dinner Nagi He tells them that they look very alike. That's how they label positive things about each other and it has brought them closer, which has made them lose the shyness that initially attacked them. Finally both Erika What sacchiThey had a happy time as sisters.

Chapter 5

Nagi He was nervous about going to school as he didn't know how to act in front of school Hiro after what she told him about her engagement. When he arrived at the school, to his surprise, she was waiting for him in the library, Nagi's usual place. Hiro She asks him to study together before class starts, and he accepts without hesitation. All of this causes Nagi really believe that Hiro She wants him to interfere in her forced marriage.

In the middle of the studio Nagi He is nervous and gets up from his seat with the excuse of going to the bathroom, but falls down and ends up on the floor. His sudden fall was caused by tripping over the table and his backpack flies through the air, leaving several of his books on the floor next to him. Among them was a book with temple seals. Hiroastonished, asks him about this book and shows him a similar one that belonged to her.

This unexpected event leads them both to talk about the stamps in their books and manages to have something in common besides their love of learning. Before you go to class Hiro questions to Nagi If it were possible to study together every morning, he accepts without any problems. While, Nagi fantasizes about the idea of ​​seeing every morning Hiroa new student was announced, it was about that Erika.

Nagi talk to Erika and she confesses that the reason she went to high school was because she was expelled from her previous school. The reason was a photo of the two that he accidentally published and they knew about it at his school. That's why she's asking Nagi Keep your engagement a secret.


Erika and Hiro

The stir caused by the presence of Erika It was remarkable, everyone wanted to be close to her, that's why she was always admired by all the students and that made her unable to talk to them properly. So Nagi he wanted to approach her to help her, but remembered he had to keep their engagement a secret, which required no one to know they knew each other. Then, Hiro appears and stands in front of it Erika.

at the beginning to Nagi She was pleased to hear they became friends, but then she thought about it Erikahis fiancee would be friends Hiro, the girl he likes, and therefore he would eventually get into a conversation for which he would be accused of proposing to someone else. Nonetheless, Nagi in the end allows them to have a friendly relationship. Not to mention that Hiro admired Erika and who will find out in the end? Nagi knows her, although he assumes she's just another fan of Erika.

to notice that Erika School was difficult for him. Hiro suggests that the three meet in the library every morning to study, thus ending the fantasy Nagi had visualized. And so fate again forces them to stay in each other's company.

final opinion

Sure, the turn of events presented to us in such a short time is funny, the truth is that I find it exciting because there are many more chapters to broadcast. I look forward to the new premiere chapter every week as it is not only a romantic anime but also a comedy, the situations the characters get involved in from time to time are enjoyable and end up entertaining enough to watch to look at her. So stay tuned for this anime which I assure you will have many more fun and romantic chapters to come.

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