Dabi's anger and hatred seem to have died down. Chapter 353 of My hero academy it could be defined as the passing of the baton by Shoto Todoroki, winner of one of the series' most intense battles, and his father Endeavor, Pro Hero Number One, at the center of an inevitable and terrifying threat.

The news about Shoto's victory over his older brother Toya it quickly spread among the heroes involved in the final battle thanks to the message of encouragement brought by the former symbol of the peace of all power. While Shoto tries to recover from his father thanks to the support of his companions who quickly arrived on the battlefield Endeavor is found by Hawks at Gunga Mountain Resortready to face All For One.

The news of All Might also reaches Enji, as soon as the antagonist learns the news of Dabi's defeat Try to provoke the Pro Hero, making him feel responsible for the decline of his firstborn. And in a grand final table, Horikoshi presents the return of All For One in all its perils and is determined to defeat Endeavor.

Finally, we leave you with the spoilers of Chapter 354 of My Hero Academia, out Sunday May 29th on Manga Plus, and the fantastic promotional video about the final arc of Shonen Jump.

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