The battle that will decide the fate of the land of Wano ONE PIECE is far from finished. Luffy has just returned to Onigashima's Skull Dome, where Emperor Kaido is waiting for him. A new, explosive battle begins between the two leaders of their respective crews.

Luffy has decided to take care of Kaido alone and asked Momonosuke and Yamato to take care of Onigashima. The structure has actually almost reached the Capital of Flowers, an eventuality that would decree the end of Wano.

However, the two young samurai notice another big problem. Onigashima flies thanks to Kaido's dragon powers. If Luffy defeated him, the structure would fall into the sea and, given the large amounts of explosives inside, cause an explosion that would devastate the capital. Momonosuke and Yamato therefore decide to take the situation into their own hands and not warn Luffy, who otherwise would not be able to fight peacefully.

Meanwhile, the final skirmishes inside the castle continue. In ONE PIECE the two wings of the king, Sanji and Zoro, They face the queen and the king respectively. However, their clashes do not go smoothly.

While Zoro will fight in the moonlight, in ONE PIECE 1053 Sanji will definitely realize that something is wrong with his body. The question seems to be related to Vinsmoke and Germa 66. What is happening in Sanji? The episode will simulcast on February 26 on Crunchyroll.

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