Though guilty late, Izuku Midoriya eventually made it to the battlefield where Tomura brought death and despair to Shigaraki. With his friends now at the end of their strength and on the verge of falling, it is Deku who takes the reins of the fight. However, My Hero Academia 369 takes us back in time.

The company of heroes has not always been the smiling one we know. Before All Might curbed crime Japan was dominated by the dark All For One movement, who manipulated the population through his infinite quirks. A flashback from My Hero Academia 369 brings us back to these dark times.

As he faces Izuku Midoriya, now the master of One For All's full potential, the Symbol of Fear remembers when those powers were nothing compared to his own. All For One is particularly reminiscent of the final moments of Second Vestige, which he crushed like an insect.

That was then Macke: Transmission of the second owner could only affect small objects, and the former owner of One For All could do nothing against the enemy. Like himself, the later heirs of One For All did not influence All For One in the slightest. This continued until All Might and Deku, which they succeeded cultivate the one for all and make it more powerful than ever. Now that Deku has all of the One For All Quirks at his disposal, the remnants' vengeance unfolds.

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