The Chapter 89 of Dragon Ball Super, the second of the new story arc that will tie the manga to the franchise's latest film, introduces a new breed of android. After creating the Alpha series, Automated Zombies, Beta also makes its debut in the Toyotaro and Toriyama series.

In the first chapter of the new Dragon Ball Super story arc Trunks and Goten received a CD with Dr. Hedo's plans. Back at Capsule Corp. Vegeta and Bulma's son inserts the memory unit into a computer, but it is attacked by a virus designed to protect its contents. Fixing the computer is the little bra that confirms how Trunks from the Dragon Ball Super presence is a wasted talent.

To avoid suspicion, Bulma decides that Mai has to go to the same school as Trunks and Goten. The next day, therefore, the Saiyan goes to high school with the girl of someone he is in love with and everyone seems to fall at his feet. Another classmate, Baytah, also arrives the same day. Actually he is himAndroid Beta #1 created by dr. Hedo to find the mysterious superhero who stole his precious data.

Strong competition between Trunks and Baytah immediately flares up and the boy catches the scientist's attention. However, Goten is spotted with a crazy show of force. Beta No.1 then unleashes his hero suit to challenge Goku's second son in battle, who can't really fight in front of his companions like he could.

Out of sight, with his secret device Trunks transforms into Saiyaman X-1 to rush to his friend's aid. However, when Baytah transforms into the android Beta #2, she realizes that it is actually Mai possessed by Dr. Hedo's disk is.

Mai is targeted by Beta, but Saiyaman X-1 eventually manages to save her and holds her in his arms like Future Trunks did. Hedo and Beta have been defeated, but the scientist is already willing to work on one new Android generationprobably the gamma unit.

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