Karma is a shadowy power, despite some recent explanations. the Protagonist Boruto has used it several times learn to control it to understand how far it has to go, even if it has not always been able to. The clash with Boro first and the post with Isshiki then revealed the presence of Momoshiki.

Boruto therefore cannot use it too much and give in to its powerthat would allow Momoshiki to take control and cause damage to allies and enemies. However, by the end of Chapter 63 of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations, the situation seems to have changed. Following the advice and information from Code on Karma, Boruto has begun to unleash all of his power.

In contrast to the last time it is Symbol has expanded to the face and forehead but without letting the typical Otsutsuki horn come out, as has been the case on previous occasions. The cliffhanger does not reveal whether Boruto is in control or not, so it is important to know the outcome of this transformation.

Obviously, Boruto is under the influence of Amado's drugs and therefore the onsutsuification and the consciousness attached to it should be sedated by momoshiki so that the protagonist can control that power. However, a meeting between Code and one of his gods, an Otsutsuki who was able to give him important orders and left Boruto in the dark, should not be underestimated. Boruto's Chapter 64 will therefore be a fundamental crossroads for the future of the series.

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