Throughout the history of ONE PIECE, we have dealt with the four emperors, four individuals of immeasurable power who could control entire parts of the seas without fear of the obstacles of the navy or world government. For some time, however, that balance has changed radically because of Luffy's arrival.

Luffy's entry into the New World has messed up Kaido and Big Mom's planswho have found unpredictable allies. The two are now in Onigashima with the captain in the straw hat and the fight that is taking place will change the world of forever ONE PIECE. While the world government has sent their ships and the CP0 to change the fate of Wano, they hold the Clash between Kaido and Luffy. The latter has been named the fifth emperor of ONE PIECE, but given the trend of the saga, it could soon become the third.

With the presence of the world government and the end of the fighting with Kaido and Big Mom, it is possible that the two emperors will be permanently imprisoned. This would lead to the disappearance of the two strongest emperors of the moment, and hence the disappearance Decay of the Yonkowho have favourited the four emperors. At this point, apart from Blackbeard and Shanks, Luffy's rise to any of the positions would be inevitable.

This is how the Sanko would be born, the three emperors that this trio would belong to. Inevitably, Shanks seems to lean towards Luffy's side, so the past balances will disappear entirely. This brings us to the finale of ONE PIECE.

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