One of the most anticipated anime of the upcoming season is Goddess Cafe Terrace, the adaptation of Kouji Seo's sentimental ecchi manga. A new commercial reveals when the animated series will officially start.

In the summer of 2022, the adaptation of The Café Terrace and Its Goddesses was announced and after a few months, the official release date was finally revealed. L'Adaptation in production at Tezuka Productions opens April 7th. Here are more anime coming out in Spring 2023.

In addition to announcing the debut date, the staff working on the project also released one Teaser trailer that brings viewers closer to the protagonists of the work. When Hayato's grandmother dies, the boy plans to sell the family cafe. However, he does not realize that the place is home to five young women. The quintet of girls try to convince Hayato not to close the cafe in this hilarious romantic comedy. But even their best intentions don't seem to be enough. How can you work with five such unruly women?

Others have also been unveiled Production information and released a new key visual. NeRiAme ​​performs the opening theme Common Destiny while Miki Sato performs the dramatic ending theme. The voice actor cast adds Kazue Ikura in the role of Sachiko Kasukabe.

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