While DC Comics is busy with the Future State event, it has no intention of forgetting its other upcoming series. And the third volume of Batman / Catwoman eventually leads readers to navigate through the various timelines that Tom King's story covers.

While in the past we learned from Batman / Catwoman # 3 how the twisted alliance between the Dark Knight and the criminal cat came about, in the present we see the danger of Phantasm knocking on Selina Kyle's door. In the future, however, the focus will be on the relationship between her, who is now old, and her daughter, Helena Wayne. And this third number proves that Selina is her daughter I am not very goodboth in the family and on the work front.

On the personal side, if the two wives of the Wayne household seem to be clashing over an issue related to the legacy Bruce left after his death, the problem is much more serious on the working side. As Batwoman, she investigates the brutal murder of a Florida man who turns out to be the Joker. Helena is not aware of the killer it's actually his mother Selina.

While Batwoman generally falls back on the classic DC Comics Batman costume, the bat details on the chest, multi-service belt and gloves are similar to those of Bruce Wayne's combat suit from Future State: Dark's Gotham Detective. Instead of the cape, Helena also uses the advantage Wings that expand and retreat: a tribute to the Batman Beyond series.

In the series of the year, the new and old Dark Knight met in Future State: The Next Batman.

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