All eyes are on the next chapter of Boruto: Naruto the next generationsand the exit is now near. The February chapter should end the fight between Naruto and Sasuke as soon as Isshiki is dead. However, the duo haven't looked at Boruto's seal yet. If Naruto will survive.

If you are on par with the manga, you know that very well Naruto is not doing well right now. The hero decided to use a new form of kyuubi in the fight against Isshiki, and he knew he could die. Kurama warned him of the possible consequences of this technique, but few details were revealed about how Naruto could have died. Now, Advances have made it clear that technology will have consequencesand it doesn't seem good

The application of the technique actually had a severe impact on Naruto's body and fell to the ground. Kyuubi's new form promised it would take a toll, and he didn't lie. There is a possibility that Naruto has suffered irreversible damageor that his chakra is affected.

Fans of the Naruto Shippuden novels may have their own theory about it. In fact, in the novels, Naruto falls ill with blood cancer and Sasuke and Sakura team up to cure him. Neitzens believes that the cause of the disease could be Naruto's new formand only time will tell whether the theory is correct or not.

Meanwhile, the Boruto series' first flash-forward might make sense, and the protagonist's hidden power resembles Naruto's nine-tailed fox.

What will happen to naruto? What are your theories Let us know in the comments!

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