In the network the staff of the anime Endo and Kobayashi Live! The latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte has shared a new trailer that includes the first details on the production. Here are all the details on the animated adaptation of Suzu Enoshima's light novel series.

That promotional film of the anime, published on the DMM Pictures YouTube channel, leads viewers to get to know the protagonists of the series. One day in a fantasy world, Crown Prince Sieg is surprised by the voices of the gods. They tell him that his girlfriend Lieselotte is actually a bad "tsun de rais". The prince can't help but discover the delightful hidden side of Lieselotte, but he still doesn't know that the celestial beings he's heard are actually high school students.

The anime that debuts in January 2023, features a voice cast that includes Tomori Kusunoki and Yuichi Nakamura as the two protagonists, Lieselotte Riefenstahl and Siegwald Fitzenhagen. Next year in the same month Season 2 of the anime Vinland Saga will also be released. Endo and Kobayashi Live! The latest on Tsundere Villaines Lieselotte is in production at the Animation studio Tezuka Productions, who is also working on the Astro Bot reboot, with Fumihiro Yoshimura directing. Tomoko Konparu was appointed script manager, while Miyuki Katayama became character designer. Tatsuhiko Saiki, Natsumi Tabuchi, Sayaka Aoki, Junko Nakajima, and Kanade Sakuma, former composers of the music for My Next Life as a Villaines: All Routed Lead to Doom!, are collaborating on the OST. And will you follow this series or devote your time to other anime coming out in the same period?

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