The debut of the adaptation of chainsaw man was surrounded by very high expectations, which Studio MAPPA was able to meet and even exceed thanks to the highest technical quality. The growing popularity of the anime series has sparked controversy among the feminist public: here's why.

The Japanese portal Myjitsu recently shared an article in which all negative reactions from viewers of the anime and among those that received the most credits there is one that particularly hampered the production.

On the contrary, part of the community is Denji's "insane" attitude and theexcessive fanservice offered by the anime. While the same scenes are considered comical in the manga, they are considered overly realistic and perverted in the animated adaptation due to the artistic direction of the animation.

bring that up controversy It's that bathroom scene between Denji and Power that happened in Chainsaw Man 1x04, but not only. It was the next episode that broke the cup definitely blow up the hassle.

In Chainsaw Man 1x05, Denji becomes a victim of manipulation by Makima, who teaches the protagonist what excitement is by putting her hand on her breasts. In addition to feel Denji For Power and Makima, in the same episode, the demon hunter Himeno promises each a French kiss that will eliminate the demon designated by the mission.

Fans acknowledge that all of these scenes were already present in the manga, but also claim that they were present in Fujimoto's version more comical than erotic. In contrast, the anime Chainsaw Man approaches these scenes more realistically, making the upset by many. And what do you think, did you feel uncomfortable during these scenes or did you catch the irony of the product? At the bottom of the article is a tweet from editor Shihei Lin explaining Denji's touch with Makima.

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