The return of Black clover in July 2022 with the final saga, he surprised readers with a time warp and a new antagonist who remained in the shadows. Unfortunately, due to the author's health, we have to wait longer than expected before we can continue reading the adventures of Asta, whose life has once again been turned upside down.

In fact, Shueisha and the editors of Weekly Shonen Jump had announced and confirmed a new break for Black Clover for the past few days Chapter 344 will be released on MangaPlus on November 27, 2022 and the following day on the pages of issue 52 of the magazine. The reason seems to be a sudden malaise that caught the author who wanted to insert another one message for the readers in Weekly Shonen Jump #50.

In the issue in question, Black Clover is one of the big absentees, but the page you can see in @shonenleaks' post reported below was still included. An illustration of Black Asta concludes at bottom right Message from the editor and the authorwho deeply apologize for the unexpected hiatus and ask the readers to continue supporting the work and the author.

Finally, we remind you that there will soon be an announcement about Black Clover on Shonen Jump and we leave you to speculate about one of the next Asta challenges.

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