The latest episode of Pokemon: Explorations added a fundamental piece to the Ash Ketchum story. In fact, the protagonist managed to defeat Dandel in the finals of the World Coronation Series, thus earning the title of World Champion. An extraordinary goal, but one that doesn't seem to determine the end of his adventure.

She is convinced of that too historical voice actress by Ash, Rica Matsumotowho did not hesitate to reaffirm firmly that the championship title is just one of the dreams that motivated the coach to go on and travel to all the regions he has seen over the course of two decades.

Matsumoto wrote a letter to Ash not only expressing his pride in the important victory over Dandel, but also pointing it out: "Even though Ash won the title of best Pokémon trainer, He's not yet the expert he wants to be.

The voice actress then continued: "It's been 15 years since I started voicing Ash and he's worked hard. The children who followed the 1997 series have grown up and probably moved away from the anime. He's about to become the strongest in the Pokémon world. Children and adults please support Ash!”

Tell us what you think of these touching words in the comments section. Finally, we remind you that the titles of the next episodes of Pokémon: Explorations have already been announced and we leave you a figurine of Ash's first adventures.

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