The long-awaited return of Hunter X Hunter on the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, this happened in conjunction with the release of Volume 37, which surpassed half a million copies sold in just three days. An exceptional moment for Master Togashi's work, which continues with the announcement of a new and prestigious official collaboration.

Hunter x Hunter has indeed begun a partnership with Material Crown to create his own line of jewelry dedicated to four hunters we met during the adventure. The news came from comic_natalie, who shared the post on social media at the bottom of the page. In the pictures in the tweet you can see i four products that make up the entire official collection of the series.

These are two rings selling for $100 each and two pendants selling for $130 each. The first are dedicated to the antagonists Hisoka and Chrollo, both members of the Phantom Brigade and represented by their symbols: a map and a cross. As for the followers, we find those instead Fishing rod of the protagonist Gon Freecssand a ring that appears to reproduce lightning and his good friend Killua's yo-yo.

Finally, we remember that Togashi was able to leave the series in the hands of the wizards and we let you follow Hisoka's evolution in the manga.

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