The sixth season of My Hero Academy it is characterized by a succession of events and situations that are complex, to say the least. The heroes try their best to stop the devastation caused by the villains. In all this confusion, there was also a scene dedicated to Dabi, originally drawn by Horikoshi but never made it to Shonen Jump.

In the seventh episode Gigantomachy races toward Shigaraki, and try to gather with as many allies as possible along the way. Daby takes the opportunity to look for Skeptic, for whom he seems to have a special task. Utilizing the highly developed sense of smell of Gigantomachia, Dabi easily manages to find the computer geniuswho, despite the initial surprise, seems willing to listen to what the villain has to offer him.

This is a scene that should also appear in the manga, as you can see Designs by Horikoshi listed at the bottom of the page but never published on Shonen Jump due to space and table limitations. Studio Bones was therefore able to return that version originally presented by the authorconsidering the importance Dabi will have in the future of the war between heroes and villains.

In conclusion, we remember that Midnight is in danger, leaving you with Eraserhead's touching past when he was still a student of Yuei.

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