The battle between the devils of Paradis and the nation of Marley ended in heavy losses for both sides. The main culprit for most of the deaths is Eren Jaeger, who again looks very different from the first three seasons of theAttack of the giants, but what caused this change?

The last episodes of the fourth season, produced by Studio MAPPA, tried to explain this particular development of the protagonist, who has now become even more powerful thanks to theAbsorption of the giant hammer that previously belonged to the sister of Marley's leader Lara Tybur. During the four years of the time leap, the Research Corps and obviously Eren himself had to make important strategic decisions and for the future of the island of Paradis.

Among these, the possibility was considered of getting Historia, who has become queen, mother of many children, to make the most of it the plan drawn up by Zekeaccording to which the threat from the rumble would keep the threat from the Eldians at bay. Although Eren could understand the importance of e the tragic nature of the fate of HistoriaThis could just be one of the factors that made it extremely cool and calculating.

Additionally, Eren had to determine the attack giant's future heir, given that He has about 5 years before he dies precisely because he has gained the power of one of the nine. There is no explicit explanation of how Eren became a completely different person than he was in the past, but all of these events certainly led him to understand that The only chance to save the people in Paradis is the cold and brutal war.

Recall that Historia's pregnancy took the community by surprise, and we'll leave our recap of the 4x10 episode of the attack of the giants to ours.

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