After 11 years of publication, Hajime Isayama is preparing to write the unpredictable ending of The Attack of the Giants. We are now at the very last jokes and in a few days from Bessatsu Shonen Magazine will publish the penultimate chapter of the story.

In fact, as announced by the publisher, The Attack of the Giants 137 is ready for distribution on the magazine’s pages. And as usual, image and information leaks arrived a few days before the official release. So let’s see that Spoilers of attack of the giants 137, the penultimate chapter of this exciting story, the pictures of which can be seen in the gallery below.

The first page takes us back to an ancient earth and where certain organisms existed. The other pictures, however, bring us back to Armin and Zeke, trapped in the paths. Grisha Jaeger’s son asks himself about the meaning of life, which is ultimately about being born, growing up, reproducing and dying. Armin will refute this view and tell him that happy memories he had as children with Eren and Mikasa also make sense. For Zeke, those moments are baseball games with Xaver. Zeke agrees to die stop the earth roar made by Eren.

In the real world, Annie and Reiner are suddenly surrounded, but Bertholt’s giants Marcel and Porko help them. Instead, Gabi meets the giant okapi and helps to free Armin to wake him up. Zeke emerges from one of Eren’s vortices and greets Levi with yes immediately pounce on him and let his head fly. Meanwhile, Jean goes to Eren’s neck, detonates the bomb and blows his head off. This tries to reconnect to the spine, but Reiner throws himself on his head and prevents it from regenerating.

The roar of the earth seems to stop and the other boys except Reiner seem to pull away. The chapter de Attack on Titan 137 will officially be available on Crunchyroll and Comixology on February 8, 2021.

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