The crazy and bloody fight between the Pro Heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front apparently ended in a draw. Both factions reported deaths and serious injuries. The sensational revelation in the final chapter of My Hero Academia The outcome of the fight may have been reversed.

According to Dabi in World Vision, the society of heroes was shaken. The villain has proven that Pro Heroes have dark secrets and are actually a miserable category. Although the clash ended in a draw, this revelation awarded the victory of the war to the men led by Shigaraki.

On the other hand, the main goal of the Villains' Union wasn't to kill the heroes, it was to erase citizens' trust towards those who protect them. Heroes' society already seems to be in trouble because it no longer has a true "symbol of peace" since the disappearance of All Might. Endeavor went beyond his own limits and tried hard to fill the position of hero number one, but apparently that wasn't enough. The villains have the fate of the city in their hands.

Shigaraki may not have managed to kill Deku and steal the one for everyone, but thanks to Dabi, he got something even more valuable: it instilled fear in the citizens and distrust of professional heroes. Will the Pro Heroes be able to reverse this situation? We'll find out in My Hero Academia 292, the release date of which has been announced. Meanwhile, Hawks' father was apparently a villain from My Hero Academia.

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