With sensational news, Masashi Kishimoto has placed himself at the head of Boruto's manga: Naruto the Next Generations, who therefore welcomes the now former writer Ukyo Kodachi. But what was that? Kodachi's reaction to Boruto's abandonment?

Boruto dawns a new era: Naruto the next generations. From the next chapter, Masashi Kishimoto, the master who started the Naruto franchise, will lead the adventures of the team made up of the son of the seventh Hokage, Sarada and Mitsuki. The Japanese mangaka will take over from Ukyo Kodachi, who confirmed the news and greeted all of his fans with a post on Twitter.

"And so Boruto's baton was finally returned to Kishimoto-sensei and Ikemoto-sensei! Please support Boruto warmly on his new journey. From now on I can hardly wait to do it myself." together with you readers ", can be read in the translation provided by user @ Abdul_S17.

"Looking back, I have so many fond memories! I helped write the script for Boruto's film and was commissioned to write 13 volumes of comic strips. I'm also extremely grateful that the anime has gained international recognition."

Kodachi therefore showed no regrets or resentment, just love the work he helped give life. In his words, however, it seems that the decision was made from the start to only keep the manga for 13 volumes. How will the adventures of the young leaf village ninja continue with the entry of Kishimoto? We'll find out in Boruto Chapter 52, which V-Jump has already revealed the preview of.

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