THE Civilians across Japan were safe thanks to the heroes, especially thanks to the character of All Might. However, the blonde and muscular superhero has been gone for some time and from then on, the story of My Hero Academia has started to question the true abilities of the current heroes more and more. This up to the latest events.

The return of All for One, which took possession of Shigaraki's body, upset everything. The criminals have fled the prisons. My Hero Academia society is now at risk due to the death and incapacity of multiple heroes. While Hawks tries to save Endeavor, the civilians are busy making up for the lack of heroes My hero Academia 300. With the tools at their disposal, they try to take care of the bad guys on their own, but cause even more damage and injury.

The company now has fear among Nomu, released villains, incompetent heroes and so on, but the goal of all of them is Endeavor, the number one hero. After Dabi's threats and truths, the most prominent guilt is Enji Todoroki. While man managed to save himself The hero in him seems almost dead. However, when he is in despair on the hospital bed, the entire Todoroki family arrives with his mother Rei in tow. The group will now speak about the fate of the Todoroki family The Endeavor flame will rekindle?

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