The worst generation of ONE PIECE has found some exponents fighting Kaido and Big Mom. The two now allied emperors who want to conquer One Piece and the whole world together must first get rid of the young pirates in front of them. And they do it inintense fight on the Onigashima dome.

The devastating attack by Luffy manifested in chapter 1002 of ONE PIECE has had an impact, and the next chapter shows us that result after showing Reiju in a mini cover while we were being courted by a giant scorpion. The straw hat pirate knocks Kaido down, but then he has to take care of him Side effects of his Gear Fourth: As Law explains, he won't be able to use haki or fight for the next 10 minutes.

It's up to Zoro to save his captain from Big Mom's attackwhile the other young people try to attack Kaido on the ground. However, the dragon gets up and creates a tornado that carries Luffy to his huge mouth. When he tries to take him with the jaws, Zoro intervenes and attacks Kaido by wounding him thanks to the sword of Oden. Nevertheless, everyone is stunned and lets the dragon understand that this is exactly the sword of his former enemy.

At this point Kaido is using a new wind technique while we are then transported to other areas of Onigashima. EIN PIECE 1003 shows us Orochi's head, but also the CP0The masked men wait for the pirates to make as much of each other as possible while we also see the various generals of the two factions at work.

However, the end of the chapter leads us once more to the roof of Onigashima, where Kaido changes to the hybrid form of his devil fruit. He and Big Mom are looking forward to the battle. ONE PIECE will return next week with Chapter 1004.

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