Goku and Bulma's journey in those distant 1980s began for only one reason: to find the seven dragon balls that are supposed to summon a giant dragon that can grant any wish. When it first manifested, Shenron was forced to grant Oolong's naughty wish. But How many times has Shenron appeared in Dragon Ball??

There The first was exactly what Oolong wanted a beautiful girl's panties inand awaited the evil pilaf. Shenron then made several appearances in Dragon Ball, three before the Dragon Ball Z time jump.

The second was when Goku asked the dragon to bring Bora back to life, Upa's father was killed by Taobaibai; the third was instead monopolized by the Great Little Wizard, one of the few villains who managed to make a wish, in this case the youth; At the end of the demonic wizarding saga, it was Yamcha who expressed the desire to bring everyone back to life and certify that Shenron's fourth and final appearance in Dragon Ball.

On to the Dragon Ball Z saga, There were five appearances in total. Master Roshi brought Goku back to life to fight the incoming Saiyans, and Shenron then granted another resurrection wish when Popo asked to resuscitate the Namekkians killed by Freeza and his men. Shenron's seventh appearance was also one of the first in which the dragon was able to grant multiple wishes at the same time, resuscitating the people slaughtered by Cell and removing the bombs in the bodies of the androids.

Two more times happened instead in the Majin Buu saga: First, Bulma asked Shenron for help to bring back to life the people killed by Vegeta in the martial arts tournament, second, to end the saga and almost completely erase the existence of Majin Buu and change reality. So overall In the original Dragon Ball saga, Shenron appears 9 times and grants 10 wishes.

It is also said that the legend of the Dragon Balls led a person to become the King of the Dragon Ball world. While we've never seen her in the original series, we can also include this as Shenron's appearance.

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