The series of ONE PIECE continues to achieve incredible success among anime and manga fans, and the culmination of the Land of Wa storyline was reached in the final chapters, where old and new generations of pirates face each other in an epic battle without borders. led TH Studio to a statue.

As you can see from the post shared on Twitter by @MundoKame at the end of the news, the studio in question would have announced a majestic figure with the Mugiwara swordsman Roronoa Zoro. By perfectly recreating the design from the Wanokuni saga, TH Studio decided to also add a tiger, a creature that appears in the name of two particular techniques used by the former bounty hunter, namely the Tora-Gari, which later became Ultra Tora Gari, which is the time leap .

A precious tribute made on a 1: 4 and 1: 6 scale with a height of 69 and 46 centimeters, respectively in two different versions. In a Zoro, he appears with the original design that Oda used during the adventures in the land of Wa, and is accompanied by a snow tiger. in the other he wears a black and orange tunicas if trying to recreate the fur of the cat standing next to him ready to launch a deadly attack with a katana. It is already possible to order both models at a price between 190 and 680 Australian dollars, which will be available from July 2021.

Remember that the creator of Dr. Stone Shanks and other characters from ONE PIECE, and we let you discover the name of the devil fruit of Emperor Kaido.

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