Eighteen years after it originally aired in Japan, the original anime was produced by the studios GONZO and created by Junichi Sato, Kaleido star, created his official Twitter account. In its first release, the production announced that the series would air on Japanese broadcaster AT-X. It is a revised version from May 31st.

The original series premiered in Japan in April 2003 Funimation responsible for international sales. The production was carried out by the studios GONZO Headed by Junichi Sato and scripts written by Reiko YoshidaCounting with 26 episodes. Later a second part of twenty-five episodes directed by Yoshimasa hiraike.

Synopsis of Kaleido star

The Kaleido stage is known around the world for wowing audiences with its incredible stunts, innovative routines, and incredible costumes and sets. It's a place where guests can believe in magic and Sora Naegino wants nothing more than to be part of that magic and turn into an acrobat of the famous circus.

To make his dream come true, he travels from Japan to California to audition for a place in the group. However, Sora learns that it takes much more than natural talent to bring joy to people. He quickly discovers how difficult it is to be a professional actor when the stakes and stunts are higher and mistakes are dangerous. To achieve performances worthy of the kaleido stage, you must endure rigorous training, unconventional assignments, fierce competition, and the antics of a mischievous ghost called the Fool. Can Sora reach new heights, make new friends, overcome his fears and overcome his limits to become a kaleido star?

Fountain: Official Twitter account

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