Chapter 58 of Boruto: Naruto the next generations has finally arrived on MangaPlus, Shueisha's online platform where fans can read their favorite works for free. Let's find out what's happening to the new generation of leaf village.

The new chapter in Masashi Kishimoto's work begins with Naruto passing on the drugs Amado received to his son Boruto. Such pills are said to slow down the process Conversion to OtsutsukiBut they could also lead to life-threatening side effects. While the Hokage tries to explain the situation to his heir, Boruto wastes no time and immediately swallows a pill. Much for either, there doesn't seem to be a strange reaction.

The scene then moves with Boruto moving to training camp, where he warns his companions about what has just happened. However, Kawaki is absolute annoyedBoruto contradicted the plan they had previously planned. The karma seal of the son of the Hokage should be passed on to code.

However, Boruto claims that their plan was just a distant hypothesis and that they really have no idea how dangerous Kara's insides are. This is exactly what Kawaki intends to do start exercising.

While Konohamaru and Naruto Watch the situation From above, Sarada silences the two boys and makes it clear who is responsible. However, Kara's ship rebels and teases the young Uchiha. At this point Mitsuki also intervenes and asks Kawaki how he would like to behave. Quite simply, the boy replies that the secret to beating code is to fight one another.

Right away, Kawaki attacks Mitsukiwho, however, manages to block his shots. Sarada also takes part in the battle and throws a huge ball of fire at the enemy, who, however, manages to avoid him. But if the girl throws some shuriken, then Kawaki will not have time to dodge them.

Sarada is amazing to have really beaten him but realizes it was just a shadow copy, Kawaki is behind him. As he promised, Boruto is the one Protector of Saradaand intervenes in the defense of the friend. The clash turns into a single game between the two godchildren of the Hokage. Whoever loses decides how he behaves.

After a fair exchange of blows, Kawaki throws energy balls at Boruto, who manages to absorb them through karma and react with the art of lightning. Convinced he still has karma, even Kawaki tries to absorb the blow. When he realizes that he no longer has the seal, it is too late, he suffers the full assault and loses the fight.

The fight is over and Kawaki feels guilty about still being too weak and unable to protect the seventh Hokage. With a little conversation reminiscent of his father's, Boruto tries to get his partner to understand he doesn't have to do everything by himself, but who can safely rely on them. Boruto chapter 58 ends with Kawaki promising to get stronger.

Chapter 59 of the paper will arrive on MangaPlus June 20th at 5 p.m. Clock. Boruto's writer Ukyo Kodachi spoke on the subject of piracy.

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