Warning! This review on Fruit basket final Chapter seven contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

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"That's right, it's empty"

Fruit basket final Chapter seven begins with a memory of Kyo from the time he met Kyoko. Soon this dream turns into a nightmare that prevents him from moving forward. The chains of guilt don't make him think about a bright future. On the other hand, Shigure has an interesting conversation with Ren. She continues to pull her obsession with Akira, her husband and Akito's father, this sick love prevents her from loving her daughter. Shigure says goodbye, but not before provoking her. Blinded by her madness, Ren goes into Akito's room with a knife to get everything she has from Akira.

What Ren is trying to recover is a box that Akito has tended to over the years, an empty box. In the middle of their struggle, a new bond is broken and Akito begins to understand that everything is falling apart. Kureno tries to speak to her and ask her to change, but it's too late for Akito. In his outburst, he stabs Kureno and flees the place. For his part, Tohru is ready to speak to Kyo and asks him to listen to her, but Kyo is not at his best.

Akira's legacy

Now that the curse is slowly fading, it's time for Akitos to think about himself. The god of the zodiac is a precious existence, as the title suggests, that existence is cherished and respected as if it were a real deity. The Sohma clan has many archaic traditions and ideas, and it's not just the subject of their curse that weighs on their history. Since this is a large and respected clan, there has to be someone in every generation who holds the highest rank, the head of the family. This post does not necessarily apply to reincarnations of the zodiac. The fact that Akito was born the "god" and heir of the clan leader was a game of fate.

The previous leader, Akito's father, was a lonely man like many others who held important positions. He grew up protected and could not easily identify with others. In the midst of this overwhelming loneliness, he met a woman who was ready to give him what he longed for most, company and understanding. Ren Sohma was a maid who managed to tear down the clan leader's walls, not that it was particularly difficult. Ren himself was also a lonely existence, joining Akira was what gave her life meaning.

Both Ren and Akira bonded through their mutual loneliness, but each valued it differently. While Ren obsessed with being Akira's only wife, he turned down his own daughter in the process. For his part, Akira, I appreciate his bond with Ren in a natural way, I consider her his companion and I love her as best he could. What he didn't do, however, was convey his feelings to Ren. He was happy with Akito's birth, not because he was "god" but because it was the fruit of his love for Ren. He wanted her to see him the same way, but that couldn't be achieved.

What we can blame Akira for is his poor ability to convey his words. His consolation to his only daughter was received in the worst possible way. Akira really believed that Akito was a special existence and that he was born to unite with those who had operated on him for so long. But some of his words were also loaded with his own wish, so that Akito would not take offense at his mother's rejection. I try to comfort her by showing that there are others who would love her no matter what. Like I said, it was a bad choice of method. In the end he wasn't able to teach her the essentials, love gives freedom, doesn't take it away. He left without thoroughly recording this teaching.

Due to his mother's rejection, his father's irresponsible consolation, and the clan's blind fanaticism, Akito grew up without actually growing up. In all this time there was never anyone who taught her the right and wrong things, or who set limits on her, or who simply viewed her as a special existence because she was herself and not "God". Without any "common sense" he lived like this all his life. Get the goodness of half the rest. It is obvious because he holds onto ties, without them he is nothing, he could never be something that was not "God". It may be too late to admit it now, but they say the first step in change is acceptance.

Kyo's fault

While Akito continues to fall into his own despair, Kyo has thrown himself back into the same situation. While it is true that Kyo has not worked on his feelings until now, that takes on new meaning when he sees more of this past that he does not finish revealing. Kyo's connection to Kyoko is nothing new, both of them had very good relationships in Kyo's childhood. But their connection turned out to be deeper and more painful than just a few casual conversations. The young man has a connection to Kyoko's accident and there is a strong bond of guilt linking him to her.

The cat is no stranger to guilt, it is a feeling he has had since the death of his mother. It's no surprise that his mother and Kyoko's ghosts haunt him when he contemplates a happy future. For Kyo, this simple thought is unforgivable because the feeling of destroying what he loves and caring for him overcomes him. In the end, I don't remember Kyoko's accident, but the guilt she must bear. A sinner like him was just mistaken, there is no way he can be happy, not after causing so much pain.

Why was it the cap that triggered his attack? for this cap is the physical proof of his cowardice. Such a terrible and overwhelming guilt cannot be borne simply by being less so young and immature. This cap is the pretext he is looking for himself. When he saw her, he gave everything back, even Kyoko's words. He needed someone to hate, needed someone to blame, only then could he breathe and look away from his pain. If he didn't push these feelings into someone else, he would be suffocated by them. So yeah, he reminded him that he has no right to be happy.


Similar to the previous review, I'm going to mention a few things that I'm not going to develop, but it's good to keep in mind:

  • The chapters of the manga that were adjusted in this episode were: 115, 117 and 118.
  • We are in the darkest arc in history, so I think we can give up on the gentle moments before the infinite pain. Goodbye "Date" for Tohru and Kyo's shopping, goodbye Kyo is a filthy old man who chases cute Tohru.
  • Finally, Kureno took a step towards change, unfortunately he was a little late. It is clear that while the scene of Arisa and the dead sparrow is interspersed and Kureno is badly injured, they are not fully connected. This sparrow is not Kureno, it is just an allegory of its current situation. But not being afraid doesn't mean he's dead. It's more of a metaphor for his role. The death of this sparrow represents the symbolic death of its act as a zodiac. He cannot and should not repeat this role.
  • Shigure returns to declare himself the true master in the shadows. Not only did she indirectly admit that she had manipulated Ren into using Rin, but she also dealt her fatal blow by lifting Akito over her. Obviously, he did this on purpose. Shigure does everything possible to free Akito from his father's ghost. I wish I had made it less manipulative.
  • Breaking Hiro's curse is the most beautiful. Not only is he hugging his sister as a first impulse, it's so comforting that he had his mother there to contain him.

Final comment

Fruit basket final Chapter seven was a very tense episode. It has already become too obvious that we are on the last stretch. The sweet and quiet moments have been replaced with constant tension and serious revelations. The narrative rhythm had an excellent cause; the constant tension has not ceased to be effective. The animation work has kept its level, but the language work is constantly being surpassed. I am very happy with the management of this project, the details in general are very well maintained and that is very much appreciated.

Before I close on this review, I want to make it clear that while I do make some comments on scenes that have been removed, I am actually quite happy with the work so far this season. I'm someone who is very weird and very special about the narrative in the stories, and at least I know that Fruit basket final You did a very good job with this look. The omissions are not obvious, the jumps are done and the rusheo they accuse him of is unfounded. I don't think I'm any less manga fan because I'm enjoying this adaptation, but it hurts me to see that those who call themselves fans of this work have become so insoluble. Anyway, it's me again to be "another unbeatable fan" from someone else's point of view.

Anyway, these were my impressions of this chapter. Tell me, what did you think of this episode? Do you think love can win against guilt? Was that really the price Kureno had to pay for his indifferent friendliness? Chapter eight is going to be very difficult, I assure you that someone will cry and very sure that someone will be me.


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