Warning! This review on Fruit basket 2 Chapter twenty contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

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"You're good?"

Fruit basket 2 Chapter 20 begins with Yuki's memory of her thoughts when she saw Rin with Tohru. Back in the present, the school festival is near and the preparations have to begin, Yuki's class will be playing the Cinderella game. While Yuki helps in class, he has to do council work. The treasurer Machi makes a mess in the council room again and through Kakeru Yuki learns about their relationship and their past. Tohru's class set the roles for the play, and the cast chosen seems like a joke. On the other hand, Yuki continues his work, but an oversight takes him to a dark room, causing thoughts he had avoided coming out.

"Like a badly buttoned shirt"

The subject of family relationships is always complicated for the Soumas, but this episode shows that strained family relationships are not just restricted to the zodiac. After Yuki describes his relationship with his parents as a badly buttoned shirt, Kakeru can't help but agree. But what does that mean? It is basically a term to refer to something that causes discomfort to what has already been done but not done right, and fixing it can take time and even put us to shame. How does this work as an analogy for relationships with parents? It's just to point out the unresolved tension, there has been damage in the relationship and misunderstanding, but these have lasted so long that it is difficult to fix now. However, it does not mean that if you ignore it you can live.

Yuki and Kakeru's situation isn't similar, but feelings are. For Kakeru, who grew up with his mother and father's expectations, it was normal until he couldn't take it anymore. All the pressure on him just exploded, eventually he realized that nothing he was doing was for him, and if it was, why would he even do it? Children don't have to be the vessel for their parents' selfish desires.

In similar and different circumstances, Yuki and Kakeru still have difficult feelings towards their parents, although this does not cancel out that they are still their parents. As Kakeru says, it might not be necessary to try to button the shirt so it's okay, as long as you can laugh about it later, there's no rush to change.

"Are you still going to let them take care of you?"

Yuki's growth continues to bear fruit even when it is necessary to pinch the wound to highlight her feelings. With the opening speech and the end of the chapter, I think it's clear where everything is going, but I won't talk about that yet. Rather, I want to think about Yuki's growth, he was dependent on Tohru's kindness until now, but when he realized that he could not continue like this, he decided and joined the student council. In the beginning he made the decision as his life board, but time has shown that it was the best choice for him.

The entrance to the council was chaotic, the members who would be in their care were a group of troublemakers. But with all of that, Yuki has managed to adapt to his colleagues, possibly because deep down he's also the same or more problematic than everyone else. One of the most important elements in Yuki's growth is her meeting and relationship with Kakeru. It is thanks to this wild boy that Yuki can open and take off his perfect prince mask. Kakeru's jokes bring out the real Yuki who is just a college student looking to have fun and integrate. The trust has grown so much that both can share their burdens because deep down they know that the other will accept them and that nothing in their relationship will change.

Another important element in Yuki's growth is the Student Council Treasurer, Machi Kuragi. Although we didn't see any great interaction between the two, we were allowed to observe the interest Yuki has in her. So used to being called a "prince" and depending on the warmth of another, Yuki shows intention towards another for the first time. Because of Machi, Yuki gives up the role of the one who gets to try to be the one who gives something that torments Kuragi doesn't seem easy, but Yuki is ready to listen and accept because that's what he has learned and now he's ready to practice. .

Final comment

Fruit basket 2 Chapter 20 was an enriching episode for learning about Yuki's surroundings and how their growth is reflected in their new relationships. We can't ignore that it was also a chapter full of comic moments, finally the long-awaited arc of the Cinderella play is yet to come. But in general, it was an episode very much dedicated to reflection on relationships with parents. Because regardless of the type of family, there will always be things that can weigh on the relationship. In the end, I have Kakeru's solution, sometimes we just have to laugh about it, even if this laugh can only be in the future.

I cannot conclude this without reiterating my excitement at the imminent arrival of the bow from the Cinderella game. I swear this is still the Cinderella adaptation that I liked best to date. And I confirm Kyo's sentence. With the cast chosen, this story is more of a comedy than a fairy tale. They really wanted to see this work bring out some well-hidden feelings, well, depending on well-hidden.

Anyway, that was my impression of this chapter. Tell me: what do you think of this episode? Have you ever seen that β€œlike a badly buttoned shirt? Will there ever be a time when parents and children really understand each other? What do you think will happen to a dark Cinderella like Hanajima in the play? Was Kyo really the best choice to play the prince? I'll answer it myself, yes, yes, that was it. The next chapter will be dedicated to Yuki, surely we will see the past haunted him and hopefully we will finally hear his true feelings.


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