in the Sword Art Online Author Reki Kawahara envisioned a future fairly close to the year the first novel was published, where a skilled programmer would launch the first virtual reality role-playing game in history. To celebrate the game's launch day in the A-1 series, Pictures have surprisingly announced a new movie.

there The official launch date of Sword Art Online is November 6th, 2022 in the series. Many fans of Kawahara's opera certainly expected news today and were satisfied. In the post shared from the official site of the anime and reported at the bottom of the page, it was indeed so announced a new animated feature film dedicated to the adventures of Kirito and Asuna in the dangerous world of Aincrad.

The twenty-two second video shows no frames or descriptions inherent in the story told throughout the film. The tweet spells that out production has already started a totally original film, so not based on the material contained in the previously released Kawahara light novels. And what would you like to see in the new Sword Art Online movie? Tell us in the comments.

Finally we leave you the first details about Demon's Crest, the new work of Kawahara and the best episodes of the Sword Art Online anime according to fans.

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