In Onigashima, Trafalgar Law did everything right and took on one of the toughest enemies in the world ONE PIECE. His strength made him one of the most important pirates of the New World, and so he embarked on a new journey, which, however, was not easy from the start. In fact, the former member of the Shichibukai is about to have another big hit.

His encounter with this character has forced Trafalgar Law to suffer some unpleasant repercussions of the battle, along with his crew. One of them was a transformation that lasted very briefly but was enough to send many fans into raptures. Trafalgar Law becoming a woman became trending for a few days, with various fan art and other suggestions.

Obviously among these proposals there is also cosplay, with some choosing to focus on a new version of the character. So here's one Trafalgar Law cosplay female version This is no longer simple gendered cosplay as it could have been before the boy became the target of this transformation.

In this photo of Miih, the character's usual features are maintained, with the hat and clothes that always fit, and the tattoo in very prominent black on the chest, along with those on the arms.

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