At the end of the long, shocking saga of the Kingdom of Swords raid, in which Asta and his companions battled the Dark Triad demons, Shueisha and Yuki Tabata had agreed to take a break to better reorganize ideas in view of the final narrative Bow. Finally, the imminent return officer has arrived Black clover.

The date spoiled by Viz Media has found official confirmation, the serialization of Black Clover is about to resume. After a three-month hiatus, Chapter 332 of Yuki Tabata's manga series is officially released August 1, 2022 on the pages of the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump and on the publisher's digital platform, MANGA Plus, which still has the words "paused" on the page.

The curiosity about this chapter, which we remember will start the final saga of the manga, is high and the fans can't wait to read it. The first Black Clover 332 leaks that appeared on Weekly Shonen Jump were expecting us to see one one year time jump.

This time warp will almost certainly change the design of the protagonists, with Asta, Yuno and Noelle now coming of age, and increasing their abilities. It remains to be seen whether during this time jump, i Magic Knights will have discovered the truth, or whether this is still a mystery. If so, in the next few pages the Magic Emperor could rally the commanders around him and reveal to them the terrible secret that surrounds him.

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