Today, "Lex Luthor", archenemy of, is one of the most used and viewed hashtags on Twitter Superman . However, this sudden success for Luthor has to do with one of the most important personalities in online trading: Amazon's founder, president and CEO Jeff Bezos.

In fact, we saw it in a video that went viral within minutes The richest man in the world struggles with new technologiesThis makes it possible to move mechanical arms at a distance using special adaptive gloves.

But what led fans of Superman and the world of American comics in general to compare Jeff Bezos to Lex Luthor was the special laugh of the CEO of Amazon immediately after shaking hands with one of those present during the demonstration.

You can see them in the posts at the bottom of the news, including the video in question funny reactions from the internetwho immediately compared Bezos, both for the "evil" laugh and for interacting with such advanced technology, first to Lex Luthor and then to another legendary villain of American comics, Dock Ock, the recurring enemy on the series, who he was dedicated to Spider Man.

Keep in mind that a new villain debuted in Action Comics 1025, and we'll leave you to the surprising annual Batman / Superman band.

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