The last season of the anime dedicated to the work of Hirohiko Araki, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: Golden Wind , was a great success among fans, who having followed the adventures of Giovanna Day and her companions around Italy with the intent to stop the mafia organization called Passion, and controlled by the Devil.

Perhaps it is precisely for this detail, or the presence of such an organization, that a fan wanted to imagine the characters of Vento Aureo inserted in the setting of the Baccano series !, not limiting himself to perhaps creating sequences of scenes extrapolated from the two souls , but making spectacular animations.

The artist, @SmokedKun on Twitter, inserted Giorno and his companions in Chicago in 1930, obtaining an incredible result, to say the least, both for the attention to detail shown and for the fidelity with which he managed to recreate the characters. The video in question went viral in no time, and you can find it at the bottom of the news.

Despite in the Baccano series! supernatural beings linked to the protagonists are completely absent, such as the Stands for example, magic is still present in various forms. The characters are in fact placed in an environment where alchemy and immortality are constantly present in history. For those interested we leave you to our review of Baccano!

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