That of Dragon Ball Super was a surprisingly positive addition to the Akira Toriyama franchise, despite some small initial problems on the animation front and some sporadic plot holes. Of all the narrative arcs, however, the one that created the most perplexity was, without a shadow of a doubt, the Arch of Goku Black.

Beyond the various plot problems, the differences between the combat levels and a perhaps too hasty and approximate conclusion, one of the hottest topics has always been the one related to reintroduction of Future Trunks. As you can see at the bottom, some users have debated the work done by Toriyama, heavily criticizing the ending and thinking about what the events meant for Vegeta’s son.

Future Trunks is one of the most loved characters in the series, and his return has obviously made longtime fans happy. If on one hand its transformation into Super Saiyan Rage and the introduction of a villain like Zamasu they were warmly welcomed however, on the other hand many criticized the final result, claiming that Trunks’ growth would have been almost useless given the conclusion of the events.

We obviously want to hear yours. What do you think of the narrative arc in question and the reintroduction of Trunks? Should his character have been handled in another way? Let us know what you think with a comment! In case you were hardened fans of Vegeta’s son then, you can’t really miss the fan art that portrays him with Ultra Instinct.

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