In the July issue of the magazine Be-love from the publisher Kodansha it was announced that the author Miwa ueda (Peach girl) will launch a new manga titled Saredo Itoshiki Otsuma-sama, in the next issue of the magazine, on July 1.

The manga is an adaptation of the eponymous novel written by Daisuke Suzuki. Suzuki published this novel in 2018 and tells an autobiographical story of when the author worked as a reporter and suffered a stroke. The novel follows his rehabilitation and recovery, as well as the acts his wife did for him during this.

Ueda is also the author of the manga Peach girl, which he published in the magazine Bessatsu Friend from the Kodansha publishing house between 1997 and 2003, with a total of 18 compilation volumes. This manga inspired a 25-episode anime adaptation, produced by Studio Comet under the direction of Hiroshi Ishiodori and scripts written by Hiroko Tokita, and released in January 2005.

Subsequently, Ueda released a sequel titled Peach Girl Next, which he published in the Kodansha publishing house Be-Love magazine between August 2016 and December 2019, with a total of eight compilation volumes.

Peach Girl Synopsis

The story centers on a normal high school girl but that all her classmates believe that she is an easy girl because she has tanned skin. The real reason for his tan is simply because he is part of the swim team and because his body bronzes so easily. However, she likes a boy who seems to dislike her appearance, which lowers his self-esteem too much and will begin to invest his time in remaking himself in the type of girl he likes.

Source: ANN

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