My Hero Academia 290, Unbelievable: Dabi Beats US Elections in Twitter Trends!

The final chapter of My Hero Academia staged the great revelation of Dabi and after years of waiting finally confirmed the antagonist's identity and intentions. Chapter 290, just published on MangaPlus, literally took off in US Twitter trendsand even surpassed the presidential election.

A few weeks ago we talked about Dabi's real identity on our website and supported the fan theory that the villain was actually Toya Todoroki, one of Endeavor's sons. Today, Horikoshi has resolved all doubts Confirmation of the theory in question in an absolutely unpredictable way that shows a new side of the character, never so theatrical and boisterous.

Finally, in chapter 290, Dabi confronts her father and younger brother and reveals their true identities to the two heroes and the rest of the world. So the antagonist takes his personal revenge by destroying the reputation of hero number one. Broadcast of his confession live on all national television channels. Also present in the audience is Rei Todoroki, Shoto's mother, who is still traumatized by her son's wound.

My Hero Academia Chapter 291 will be released again on MangaPlus next Sunday at 5:00 p.m. The new release promises to be action packed and could stage the final act of this spectacular storyline. You can check out the best reactions from fans below.

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