In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission One of those characters who most moved the community with his story is back. We're talking about Mirai Gohan, who sacrificed himself to protect his student Trunks from the threat of androids #17 and #18. The dark version that appeared in the promo anime now has an official nickname.

In the first two episodes of the new narrative arc of the promotional anime based on the arcade video game of the same name, the protagonists took part in a tournament to which the strongest fighter of all timelines and the different universes.

The Super Dragon Ball Heroes Space-Time Tournament is finally looking Triumph Yamchafor the Z-Warrior team. In addition, the winners are also the Time Patrol Warriors and the teams consisting of Jiren and Hit and Heart and Cumber.

As the remaining participants reunite, a ghost from the future returns to the Ultra God Mission. Despite his covered face, Piccolo and Goku immediately recognize his movements. The one Xeno Trunks faces is none other than her Future Gohan.

The identity of this mysterious character is confirmed by the official name given to him by the series. He is called by the name of Warriors in black from the future. The designation, the scar on his face and his fighting style leave no room for doubt. And you, what do you expect from Mirai Gohan's evil comeback?

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