The dark future of the Future State event has plunged Gotham City into a dire crisis. Under the dictatorial regime of the forces of the mysterious magistrate, Batman and his allies fell slowly, leaving room for a small group of watchful men. But all is not lost, two members of the bat family are finally back.

While the guards try to thwart the magistrate's cyber army, the two Batgirls have snuck into a detention center where the city's heroes and criminals are locked up. In this mysterious and dark place, Cassandra Cain makes it find new allieswho will play a fundamental role in the coming rebellion.

On the previous outing, Cass was looking for Bruce Wayne, who, according to her information, is still alive and hiding in the prison catacombs. Together with Stephanie Brown, the second Batgirl who works for Nightwing, the two girls discover this in the basement of the prison Barbara Gordon is actually there.

Now free from the mind control she was subjected to, the former Batgirl re-enters the role of the Oracle and allows Nightwing, Tim Drake, and other guards to enter the prison. By taking control of the building, the bat family is sending a clear signal to the magistrate and its peacekeepers: the revolution is only just beginning and the era of superheroes will start again soon. In fact, Black Lightning, Cheetah, Croc and Two-Face caliber figures are being added to the team of Batman's old allies.

The focus of the tape, however, is the meeting between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordonwho reaffirm their love and remember the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal in which Bruce Wayne married them.

With these two capable and capable new leaders, the revolutionary alliance faces its next goal: to find the Dark Knight and bring Gotham City back. in his glory days. Meanwhile, however, one of Batman's guns has fired backwards in the Future State. Also, superheroes may have to face Jason Todd. Let's find out if Red Hood is really a cowardly traitor in the Batman Future State.

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