Since he was born, Naruto has been confronted with the ghosts caused by the self-sealed demon, the nine-tailed fox. However, when Kurama finally became part of his family, in Boruto: Naruto the next generations The Seventh Hokage had to say goodbye. But can a bijuu really die?

In chapter 55 of Boruto, Naruto said goodbye to his dear friend who had passed away due to the baryon mode used during the fight with Isshiki Otsutsuki. Obviously this disappearance caused despair in the fandom, which by then had learned to love Kurama, which had been around since the preface to the very first historical volume of Masashi Kishimoto's work.

Apparently for the Nine-Tails Fox It wouldn't be a goodbye, but a short farewell. In fact, the Seekers do not live like humans, and Naruto is well aware of that. Tail animals never die and are reborn over the years.

The first time we saw it the apparent death of a bijuu It was when the three-tailed demon was killed along with its carrying power. However, over time, Isobu has reformed, and so will Kurama, as long as Baryon Mode has not changed this doctrine in any way. To confirm this hypothesis, it was the same Nine-Tails Fox who greeted Naruto and told him that these might have been the last words they would have exchanged.

Well, most likely one day We will see the return of Kuramawhich, however, is separated from its previous owner. Who will be his new carrier force? The first clues lead us to two characters, Himawari and Sarada. In the first case the bijuu would stay in the Uzumaki family, who have already learned to love it, while in the second case it would end up among the Uchiha and breathe life into a very powerful kunoichi with Sharingan and Cercoterio.

Do you think we will see Kurama again one day? And if so, who will your guest be? Let's find out how the status quo has changed after the recent Boruto events.

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