The characters of ONE PIECE There are so many and from the beginning Eiichiro Oda showed us that there are not only people. Among fishermen, giants, goblins, special animals, etc. there are creatures that destroy the concepts of the real world and each present themselves with a very specific size.

Except, however, the giants and giant creatures, Who is the tallest person of a piece? Let's look at the dates Eiichiro Oda posted on the manga's SBS to find out.

Of course, if we were to rate all creatures we would have animals and giants in the first positions, as they are ten and ten meters, if not kilometers, but to find the first human you have to go up to eighty meters . Big Mom is the tallest person in the ONE PIECE manga, at least as revealed by the Mangaka so far. In second place is one of the newcomers, Black Maria, "only" 60 centimeters less than the Empress. In third place is Pound, one of Big Mom's seven-foot-tall husbands.

At the moment we don't know Kaido's size or age could be placed in the top 5 tallest people from ONE PIECE. We are waiting to find out what the official numbers are for the strongest emperor, so we see that the people of this manga are extremely tall too, even if we see a lot of normal size people like Roronoa Zoro in the straw hat crew.

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