In Japan, there are certain anime that offer additional stories to the manga. An example is the long-lived Sazae-san, as well Detective Conan is no joke. From the manga by Gosho Aoyama, which is still a work in progress and has over 100 volumes on its shoulders, a television series was born that is one of the most followed every week.

The Detective Conan franchise is a lot bigger than you think, and that's why almost one movie a year hits theaters in Japan. The little detective with glasses has reached 25 films so far, a huge number that will not hesitate to keep growing. Producer Shuho Kondo, who oversaw the latest film, announced that staff are currently discussing the characters that will appear up until the 30th Detective Conan film.

For Detective Conan: The Halloween Bride, which was number 25, that means I'm in Five Detective Conan movies planned and with that almost everything is ready for the next five years. The twenty-sixth film too he will deal with one of Sherry's acquaintances, so the little Ai, who after leaving the organization is now an integral part of the cast of the series. The mysteries will keep the protagonists busy for a few more years.

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