Dedicated to the ads ONE-PIECE: RED, the new feature film in the saga that takes Luffy and his companions to a new island. Strong will be Shanks the Red's presence, both direct and indirect, as his daughter Uta will be present at the film's new locations.

They won't be the only characters present. The ONE PIECE: RED trailer featured important figures that fans know very well. Some have already appeared in completely different clothes than usual, if only for a few seconds. With a special video, the Twitter page of ONE PIECE: RED has revealed the character designs of five characters.

It starts with the Heart Pirates and their Captain Trafalgar Law in Hawaiian outfit, followed by a Japanese fan-style bepo. Then we move on to Bartolomeo, the captain of the fun Barto Club, who could teach you a lot about how to cheer for your favorite star. She concludes with the pirates and transitions with the law enforcement officers two marines Koby and Helmeppowith completely contrasting character designs.

These are the five characters that have now been revealed by the film's official social networks, and all of them will likely enjoy a custom poster in the coming days.

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